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HE RĀ ANŌ – Modern Māori Quartet, acapella

HAERE MAI MEDLEY – Various, arr. Claire Cowan

Haere Mai by Sir Apirana Ngata

Nau Mai, Haere Mai, traditional folk song

Everything is Ka Pai by Sam Freedman

FLOAT ON – Marvin Willis, Arnold Ingram & James Mitchell, arr. MMQ

This is how the party begins.  Chairs are set up and the manuhiri start arriving.  They come prepared with drinks (Raro/Thrifty) and trademark dishes in hand.  The atmosphere is warm and buzzing with whānau and friends mingling, laughing and catching up.  Strangers are welcomed and encouraged to relax, get to know people and enjoy the night ahead.



PAKANGA MEDLEY – Various,  arr. Chris Gendall

Te Hokowhitu Toa by Tuini Ngāwai

Tomo Mai / Hoki Mai by Hēnare Waitoa

E te Hokowhitu-a-Tū by Tuini Ngāwai

Pō Atarau by Clement Scott, Maewa Kaihau & Dorothy Stewart

WHO WE ARE – Modern Māori Quartet, arr. Matthew Faiumu Salapu a.k.a. Anonymouz

MĀREIKURA – Modern Māori Quartet, arr. Chris Gendall

PUNCHING – Modern Māori Quartet,arr. Gareth Farr

The BBQ is crackling away, the salads and parāoa are laid out and the smell is emanating throughout the neighbourhood.  Old war stories and waiata are shared by Kuia and Koroua who are looked after with a kapu tī and some fresh rēwana.   As the wāhine busy themselves with acts of manaaki tāngata they are acknowledged as the lifeblood of the family and of gatherings like these.  Karakia is said and kai begins.



OUTTA HERE – Modern Māori Quartet, arr. Matthew Faiumu Salapu a.k.a. Anonymouz

UPON A STAR – Modern Māori Quartet,arr. Chris Gendall

COME TO ME – Modern Māori Quartet, arr. Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper

DON’T FALL IN LOVE – Modern Māori Quartet, arr. Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper

The kai has been enjoyed by all with plenty of leftovers for a sneaky second round later in the night.  The dishes are done and clean-up is over.  The pākeke disappear inside and leave the young ones to carry on the party as the guitar comes out.   Now the voices let rip.  Songs of love, loss and longing are sung with hearty harmonies and uninhibited truth.



AROHA MEDLEY – Various, arr. Chris Gendall

Here Is My Heart by Dilworth Karaka, Charlie Tumahai & Tama Renata

I Don’t Want To Talk About It by Danny Whitten

All By Myself by Eric Carmen

I Want To Know What Love Is by Mick Jones

Wairua Ō Te Puna by M & L Hōri Tait   

TEN GUITARS – Gordon Mills, arr. Robbie Ellis

SHINE – Modern Māori Quartet, arr. Matthew Faiumu Salapu a.k.a. Anonymouz

The guitar party is in full swing now with plenty of laughter and cheeky banter.  Classic songs echo out into the night.  Everyone is joining in, even some of the tamariki who should be in bed by now.  This is when the magic happens, where dreams are made and wishes come true.  The drinks are all but gone and the leftovers are being tucked into.



HAERE RĀ – James Tito, arr. Mark Dennison

TILL – Charles Danvers & Carl Sigman, arr. Hi-Marks

PŪNGĀWEREWERE – Robert Ruha, arr. Gareth Farr 

Things start to wind down and the party is nearly over.  It’s time to say goodbye.   The die-hards linger, hoping for the guitar to come out again but like all good things, the party comes to an end.  The best songs are saved for last and everyone’s thanked for coming to share in the nights festivities and for creating some new, special memories.