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Gemma New Conductor
Paul Lewis Piano

Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1
Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4  

The concert will conclude at approximately 9.15 PM.

We open our Auckland Immerse 2022 weekend with two contrasting examples of Beethoven’s prodigious talent.

Beethoven’s First Piano Concerto was actually the second concerto he composed, achieving the title purely as it was published first. This is an important point, because it is in his First that you definitely hear Beethoven finding his mature voice. Though it begins in martial style, like some of Mozart’s own concerti openings, the shifting harmonies and especially the use of untraditionally distant keys is Beethoven through and through.

Beethoven’s Forth Concerto begins enchanting us from the very first notes. Opening with the piano instead of the Orchestra as was the norm of the time, the Fourth Piano Concerto foiled audience expectations and rejuvenates their engagement with the work and the form. Truly a daring spell to weave.

English pianist Paul Lewis joins us directly from prestigious Tanglewood festival with the Boston Symphony Orchestra to perform the first night of Beethoven’s full Piano cycle.

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