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Classroom Resources

The NZSO Teacher Resources are the perfect way to prepare your students for a visit to the orchestra. Explore the theme of the concert, see how the performance fits into the curriculum and learn about the music and composers.

Please make the most of our teacher resources and fact sheet below:
NZSO Music for Schools Teacher Resource 2016
NZSO Music for Schools Fact Sheet 2016 FINAL

Here you will find a classroom resource sheet for every instrument and section in the orchestra; where they come from, what they sound like and in some cases how to make your own version!


Want to know more about the instruments in the orchestra?  Explore our classroom resource sheets with information about all the instruments and sections in the orchestra. 

Oboe  Trombone 
Viola  Clarinet  Tuba 
Cello Bassoon  Harp 
Double Bass  French Horn  Timpani 
Flute  Trumpet  Percussion

Sections of the Orchestra

Learn more about the sections within the orchestra; where they fit in the NZSO, interesting facts, repertoire examples and research guidance.

Strings                    Percussion 
Brass    Woodwinds

The Happiness Box Classroom Resource

Responding and reflecting on live music


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