In 2020, the NZSO will open numerous rehearsals across the year for secondary school students to attend.

These open rehearsals will be at the Michael Fowler Centre and are free to attend. Schools from outside of Wellington can request alternative dates providing the orchestra is rehearsing.

Dates and times available are as follows:

Wed, 18 March 10am

Thu, 2 April 10am

Fri, 17 April 10am

Fri, 26 June 10am

Thu 23 July 1:30pm

Thu, 6 August 10am

Thu, 27 August 10am  

Fri, 18 September 10am

Fri, 9 October 10am

Mon, 19 October 10am

If you would like your school group to attend a Dress Rehearsal, or Open Rehearsal, please contact us at


*Limited to 100 students per rehearsal

*Rehearsals are 2.5 hours, with an option to leave at the break, approx. 75 minutes in.