How you can help

If you are interested in helping New Zealand’s young musicians of the future through programmes like the NZSO National Youth Orchestra you may wish to consider making a tax-deductible donation or bequest to the Alex Lindsay Award.
Awards are made to young musicians who have completed their undergraduate training in New Zealand and wish to pursue advanced post-graduate studies overseas before embarking on a professional career in music.

Why Donate?

The cost of overseas study is daunting. Airfares, living expenses, course fees, and sometimes the purchase of a suitable instrument, are substantial. The awards do not cover all these costs. However, they can make a significant contribution towards enabling these musicians to follow their dream.

Where do the Awards come from?

The award funds come from the earnings on a capital fund which is invested across a range of low-risk securities primarily to provide income, but also to provide a certain amount of capital growth.

The Alex Lindsay Award Trust Deed is available online at: