The Alex Lindsay Award trust is administered by seven trustees, all of whom are current players in the NZSO. They convene each year in August to assess the applicants’ recorded auditions and to review any supporting written materials. This closely resembles the audition process for a position in a professional symphony orchestra.

2019 Alex Lindsay Award
Dominic Jacquemard, percussion/timpani
Toby Pringle, trumpet

2019 Michael Monaghan Award
Claudia Tarrant-Matthews, violin

2019 Giese Flute Grant
Zoe Stenhouse Burgess

2019 NZSO NYO Special Prize
John Moon, double bass

2018 Alex Lindsay Award
William McNeil, French horn
Gemma Price, oboe

2018 Michael Monaghan Award
Lavinnia Rae, cello

2018 Giese Flute Grant 
Anna Cooper

2018 NZSO NYO Special Prize
Toby Pringle, trumpet

2017 Alex Lindsay Award
Kenny Keppel, clarinet
Zoe Stenhouse-Burgess, flute
Noah Rudd, oboe

2017 Michael Monaghan Award
Claudia Tarrant-Matthews, violin

2017 Giese Flute Grant 
Anna Cooper

2017 NZSO NYO Special Prize
Natasha Port, bassoon

2016 Alex Lindsay Award
Alexa Thomson, viola
Jacky Siu, cello
Joella Pinto, violin

2016 Giese Flute Grant
Samantha McSweeney

The inaugural 2016 Michael Monaghan Award
Julie Park, viola

2016 NZSO NYO Special Prize
Jacky Siu, cello

2015 Alex Lindsay Award
Annabel Drummond, violin
Reuben Chin, saxophone
Alexander McFarlane, viola

2015 NZSO NYO Special Prize 
Matthew Lee, flute

2015 Giese Flute Grant
Hugh Roberts

Previous Award Winners (PDF)