Sign up to our Student Club. Pay just $39 for three NZSO Podium Series concerts of your choice (that’s $13 per concert) and get*:

  • Special Q&A sessions with NZSO players
  • Exclusive talks about the NZSO concerts and the Orchestra
  • Flexible ticketing for students to attend concerts independently or as part of a school or community group.
  • Free entry for educators when attending with 10 or more students. 
  • Student groups chaperoned at NZSO concerts by Student Club representatives
  • Arrangements for student pick ups after concerts tailored to each student’s requirements.

Valid for Full Time students of all ages. Membership last for two years and can be renewed by re-applying.

If interested, please email your student ID along with your name, age, address, contact details, and your three chosen concerts to


*Subject to availability