All students applying for acceptance into the 2021 programme need to submit an audio recording (no video recording accepted as this is an anonymous audition process).

The audio recording needs to include the following:
a) your chosen piece, or as specified on the audition requirements.
b) the attached orchestral excerpts.

Please observe tempo markings and bowings where indicated. We also recommend that you listen to recordings of the works on the audition list to help you hear and understand the excerpts in context. You might wish to get advice from your teacher.

Piccolo, Bass Clarinet, Contrabassoon and Cor Anglais
It is not required that you audition on these auxiliary woodwind instruments. However, we do encourage you to do so! If you decide to audition on one of these instruments, please prepare the excerpts for the auxiliary instrument in addition to the solo item and excerpts on your main instrument.

Make sure that the recording itself demonstrates the highest possible audio quality so that your performance can be evaluated fairly.

Recording Specifications
• This audio recording should be made in one take and should be unedited.
• Your audition should be created as one file (including your own choice work if required and the excerpts). You should not stop the recording in any way during the audition.
• No editing to fix bad notes
• Do not electronically alter a recording
• Do not identify yourself in any way or speak on the audio recording
• Please note that your recording needs to be submitted as an mp3 file. Please use one of the following file sharing options: Dropbox, Google Drive, a CD or a USB (please note CD’s and USB’s won’t be returned).
• Always keep an extra copy of your audition recording in case there are problems along the way.

Students who do not comply with these rules will not be considered for inclusion in the orchestra. Please contact the NZSO at nyo@nzso.co.nz if you have any concerns.