There are several ways to access ENGAGE@Home content via your SmartTV.

Open the website on your SmartTV

1.     Make sure your SmartTV is connected to their internet (usually through WiFi).
2.     Use whatever browser is installed on their SmartTV to visit the URL:


From another device to your SmartTV


1.     On your computer, open your Chrome browser and go to
2.     In the corner of the livestream click the Picture 1 icon.
3.     Choose your Chromecast device where you want to watch the content.


Directly through YouTube on your SmartTV

1.     Open the YouTube app on your SmartTV
2.     Search ‘New Zealand Symphony Orchestra’
3.     Select the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra account (this is the image for our account)
4.     The livestream will be first video in the list and will be named ‘NZSO XXXX’ and have a ‘LIVE’ icon in the corner.