Support the NZSO


“The Radio Network was looking for a vehicle to provide cultural credibility to our brand. As partners we share strong commonalities in terms of long-term strategies and audience demographics.

Through the annual TRN/NZSO  private Christmas concert we have been able to create a truly unique memorable event exclusive to The Radio Network.”

John McElhinney
CEO, The Radio Network

Benefits for Companies

What are the benefits for my company?

  • High visibility through brand association with NZ’s iconic performing arts flagship
  • The opportunity for high profile branding in national media advertising and concert marketing campaigns
  • A relaxed environment for corporate entertainment
  • The opportunity for your clients to meet internationally renowned soloists and conductors 
  • Networking with the many important business and community leaders who support the NZSO and attend our concerts 
  • Extending your network with senior decision-makers, politicians and the media
  • Building credible relationships with existing and potential clients 
  • Direct access to target audiences 
  • Strengthening employee relationships and boosting staff morale with rewards and incentives for employees

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