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We are your Orchestra. Help us play for you!

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is at the pinnacle of orchestral achievement in New Zealand. It is recognised both as an orchestra of international standard and as a national treasure – a source of pride for every Kiwi.

But the cost of operating a world-class orchestra continues to rise, meaning that the NZSO needs to find new sources of revenue in order to maintain our current activities and calibre.

Government funding of the NZSO has remained fixed at the same level over the past five years and is set to decrease in the coming years. Ticket sales continue to provide significant income, but we don’t want ticket prices to be a barrier as we believe that great music should be affordable to all our citizens. Other sources of income such as recording contracts are important but do not provide a consistent source of revenue.

The NZSO needs you to help sustain our trajectory of excellence. Reducing the quality of our performances is simply not an option.

Please support your Orchestra today.

There are many ways to help the NZSO excel – and many rewards for those who do.

Personal Giving donors – our NZSO Supporters – offer vital assistance to the NZSO through charitable contributions.
Corporate Sponsors forge meaningful partnerships with the NZSO.
Trusts and Foundations provide essential funding for important NZSO projects.

Our Registration with the Charities Commission

All personal giving donations in support of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra are administered by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Foundation, a registered charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 (CC24274). For more information about the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Foundation’s registration, visit the Charities Register.

Tax Benefits for Your Charitable Donation

Recent tax law changes mean that you can claim a tax credit for your personal giving donation of $5 or more to the NZSO Foundation and receive from the IRD a rebate equal to 33.33% of your gifts, up to the amount of your taxable income.


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