Experience all the thrills, excitement and energy of what it’s like to be on stage with NZSO musicians and a conductor as they perform, thanks to cutting-edge 360-degree virtual reality technology.

Simply download our free app to your smartphone, place it in a VR headset and attach headphones to experience the Orchestra performing on stage at Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre.

The app works with many headsets, including inexpensive cardboard models.

During a filmed performance, the viewer can stand on the conductor’s podium or move at any time among the different sections of the Orchestra as it plays, including first violins, cellos, horns and percussion.

The NZSO VR Experience, made by New Zealand content creation company Wrestler, is the one of the first in the world of an orchestra filmed in 360-degree video and sound and from five different camera positions.

For Android phones download from Google Play
For iPhone download from the Apple App Store

Don't have a headset?
You can check out the 360 video below. Use the navigation arrows in the top left corner of the video screen to look around the orchestra.