Dorothy Buchanan: Peace Fanfare

Join Music Director Emeritus James Judd and the NZSO as they perform Dorothy Buchanan's Peace Fanfare.


4 minutes 34 seconds

Performance date

June 2022


Dorothy Buchanan
James Judd
New Zealand Composer

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Dorothy Buchanan Peace Fanfare

James Judd Conductor

The turn of the new millennium is a moment many of us will remember. To commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event, the Auckland Philharmonia commissioned eleven New Zealand or New Zealand-born composers to write a short fanfare in celebration.

Born in 1945, Buchanan made her career as a teacher, pianist, violinist, composer and general mover-and-shaker in the musical life of New Zealand. Her creative inspiration, like her efforts to build the country’s musical life, revolves around a love of Aotearoa. Buchanan could find creative stimulus in those quintessential Kiwi things: “bird song, flax in summer, a line of hills.”

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