Storytime: The Little Yellow Digger Saves Christmas

The Little Yellow Digger is back to save Christmas! Pere Wihongi narrates the story, enriched by a fresh soundtrack from New Zealand composer Claire Cowan.


6 mins 2 seconds

Recording date

September 2020


Fun for kids
Pere Wihongi


Peter Gilderdale The Little Yellow Digger Saves Christmas
Composer Claire Cowan

Pere Wihongi Narrator

As a small country school prepares for its Christmas end-of-year show, they get a call from Santa, who is on his way to the hall when he runs into a spot of trouble! Fortunately, the Little Yellow Digger is on hand to rescue Santa and his truck full of presents.

Presented in association with Read NZ Te Pou Muramura. Special thanks to Scholastic New Zealand. Video created by Innit Creative and audio by John Neill.  

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