Traditional: Hasbi Rabbi/Molla Mamad Jan

The NZSO performs Hasbi Rabbi/Molla Mamad Jan, conducted by Fawzi Haimor and featuring Abdelilah Rharrabti, Esmail Fathi and Liam Oliver from Simurgh Music School.


8 minutes

Performance Date

09 March 2024


Beyond Words

Featured Artists

Traditional Hasbi Rabbi/Molla Mamad Jan arr. Hamish Oliver

Fawzi Haimor Conductor
Abdelilah Rharrabti Vocalist
Esmail Fathi Vocalist/Daf
Liam Oliver Saz

Hasbi Rabbi/Molla Mamad Jan is a traditional song and is sometimes considered as part of the na’at genre – poetry that praises and celebrates the Prophet Muhammad – with lyrics like: “He is the refuge of all our hearts … O Lord of all the worlds! Send peace and blessings … in every time and in every instant.

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