Unsuk Chin: subito con forza

Conductor André de Ridder leads the NZSO for Unsuk Chin's powerful work, subito con forza


5 minutes 50 seconds

Performance date

30 July 2023


André De Ridder
Unsuk Chin

Unsuk Chin subito con forza

André de Ridder Conductor

Korean composer Unsuk Chin’s contemporary work subito con forza, which translates to suddenly, with power, was composed in 2020 as a tribute to Beethoven’s trail-blazing and boundary-pushing genius.

Chin was commissioned to write subito con forza to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. Luckily, Chin was already a Beethoven fan, inspired by his insistence on “constantly looking for new directions. He was the first consciously modern composer, in the sense that every piece asked for original solutions, even if this meant breaking through existing forms … What particularly appeals to me are the enormous contrasts: from volcanic eruptions to extreme sensitivity.”