Valerie Coleman: Umoja - Anthem of Unity

Conductor Fawzi Haimor leads the NZSO for Valerie Coleman's joyful work, Umoja (Anthem of Unity), Coleman Page Publishing (ASCAP).


11 minutes

Performance Date

09 March 2024


Beyond Words
Valerie Coleman

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Valerie Coleman Umoja: Anthem of Unity

Fawzi Haimor Conductor

Valerie Coleman’s work draws its name from the Swahili word ‘umoja’ or ‘unity’. Originally, the work was a simple song for women’s choir, designed to evoke the tribal community feel of a drum circle.

In this orchestral, fully fleshed out version, Coleman allows individual instruments their own moments to shine – listen out for the growling bass clarinet, the high plucky piccolo and the singing violin. But at the end of the day, and despite dissonant clashes from brass and percussion representing the disruptive forces of hatred and injustice, the whole orchestra comes together in joyful communion.

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