There are two primary ways to provide charitable support for the NZSO through personal giving:

Both types of gift play a meaningful role in the NZSO’s success.  We are honoured to thank our donors by offering them a unique perspective on the NZSO through two special donor recognition programmes: NZSO Supporters and Vincent Aspey Society.

Please become part of our NZSO family by making your own personal gift.

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The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Foundation

All gifts, whether through annual giving or bequest plans, should be directed to The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Foundation. The NZSO Foundation – a registered charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 (CC24274) – was created to administer gifts in support of the NZSO. Because gifts to the NZSO Foundation are charitable donations, you can claim a tax credit for your donation of $5 or more and receive from Internal Revenue a rebate equal to 33.33% of your gifts, up to the amount of your taxable income.