Personal gifts play a meaningful role at the NZSO, supporting its current needs as well as its future.

Gifts To The Endowment Fund
Your personal donation to the Orchestra can be put to best use when it is added to the NZSO Foundation’s Endowment Fund. Endowment Fund gifts are invested to generate interest that can be used in support of the NZSO’s current and future needs.

The NZSO Foundation makes regular grants from the Endowment Fund to support key areas of the NZSO:

  • Presenting world-class performances and outstanding international conductors and soloists;
  • Developing a new generation of musicians and music-lovers through master classes, the NZSO National Youth Orchestra, and activities in the NZSO Education programme;
  • Providing professional development opportunities for NZSO musicians; and
  • Purchasing instruments needed by the orchestra

As the Endowment Fund grows over time, it will provide an increasing source of income for the NZSO, securing its future and ensuring we keep a world-class orchestra accessible to all New Zealanders.

Significant Gifts for Special Projects
You can make a real difference in the life of the Orchestra by making a significant gift in support of a special project. Many of the musically rewarding projects and outreach programmes that the NZSO carries out rely on extra support and funding from generous NZSO Supporters.

Some significant funding needs for your consideration include:

  • Commissioning of new works
  • Presentation of NZSO and NZSO National Youth Orchestra concerts
  • Educational programmes for young musicians and students
  • Free school visits and family concerts in smaller centres
  • Funding of an instrument

We welcome the chance to speak with you about your interests and goals, and how you can partner with the NZSO to help achieve our vision.

Support for Ongoing NZSO Needs
Many donors have a particular interest at the NZSO and want their gifts to fund these areas. We would love to speak with you about your goals and how we can use your gift in a way that meets your needs while supporting the NZSO’s mission.

Two popular choices with current donors help our Supporters build a unique relationship with musicians:

Fund an NZSO Section or Musician’s Chair
Funding an NZSO Chair is a rewarding and hugely satisfying way to develop a closer relationship with our musicians. It enables you to be connected to one of the positions in the Orchestra that has personal meaning to you. We invite Supporters to fund an NZSO Chair beginning at $5,000 per annum.

Support the NZSO National Youth Orchestra
The NZSO National Youth Orchestra (NYO) helps train our nation’s most accomplished young orchestral musicians as they learn from the finest musicians and perform in a professional concert hall. When you support the NYO, you know you are helping New Zealand’s best young musicians to pursue their craft. Gifts of all sizes can be directed to the programme, but a gift of $500 or more gives you the opportunity to fund an NYO Chair during the residency. It is a wonderful opportunity to follow the growth of an artist.