Partner with the NZSO today.

Personal philanthropy is an increasingly important part of the NZSO’s success.  Your charitable donation ensures that the NZSO can continue offering exciting, high quality performances, and be a source of pride and enjoyment for all New Zealanders. 

There are many ways to support the NZSO. However you choose to make your gift, we are delighted to acknowledge and thank you through our NZSO Supporters programme.

Making a gift today helps the NZSO plan for its success for this year and the future. As the NZSO strives to provide you with the best possible musical experiences, your gift can provide critical funding that helps us remain on budget and fiscally responsible while creating great art.

Gifts can be made to the NZSO Foundation by cheque, credit card, online, or by direct credit. To provide credit card information for charging your gift, or to request our banking details for setting up a payment, please contact us.

Pledging a gift allows you to make a donation to the NZSO Foundation and reap the benefits now but pay your gift in instalments during the year. You can pay your pledge instalments through cheque, credit card or direct credit.

Regular Giving allows you to set up ongoing payments to the NZSO Foundation, either by setting up a regular transfer directly from your bank account to ours or by asking the NZSO to charge an amount to your credit card at regular intervals. You can even set up regular giving through your employer (see Payroll Giving below).

Payroll Giving is an easy way to support the NZSO through regular giving. You can sign up with your employer to have a gift transferred directly from your pay to the NZSO Foundation each pay period. It’s an easy way to keep up your support, and you will automatically be credited with a tax rebate equal to 33.3% of your gift. Please contact us for more information.