Te tautoko a ngā pakihi

The NZSO is passionate about creating meaningful and memorable partnerships to reinforce brand awareness and key messaging to shared target audiences. 

Our recent partnership with Bostock Brothers celebrates the well-being benefits of music for all creatures and attracted media attention in NZ, the US, Poland, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Australia and the UK - including features in The Guardian and on the BBC’s Have I Got News for You

Bostock Brothers are Chair Sponsor of Alan Molina, First Violinist.

Watch a case study below:

We would love to explore how the NZSO can support and resonate in further creative partnerships.

Align your business with artistic excellence for enhanced visibility

The NZSO provides a tailored approach for all of our business and corporate partnerships: 

  • Enhance your brand's national and international visibility

  • Curate unique marketing opportunities with talented artists

  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and desire to 'give back' to the community by sponsoring our many education initiatives

  • Provide your clients with unforgettable orchestral and premium hospitality experiences

  • Gain access to access to exclusive networking opportunities for your clients.

Let's get started

For a conversation about aligning with a nationally iconic entertainment brand contact, please get in touch: 

Carleen Ebbs, Senior Manager – Development

Thank you for supporting your national Orchestra