Arts sponsorship is a proven and highly effective marketing tool.

Businesses worldwide benefit in particular from the relationship building and branding opportunities available. By aligning their products and services to the events and organisations which their customers care about, and are involved with, businesses enjoy a unique touchpoint with their target market.

The NZSO has wide popular appeal over all the age groups, with the core audience in the 40-65 years age group, and a slight female skew (52%). Generally from the professional sector, the NZSO audience is tertiary qualified and has discretionary spending capability.

The NZSO performs more than 125 concerts each year including concert seasons of major symphonic repertoire, original NZ compositions, contemporary music and jazz arrangements, and extensive educational events for schools and families.

With a long recording history and many international awards, the NZSO has an international reputation for the quality of its performance.

“The Orchestra and the Listener do the same thing; we honour the past but we welcome the future of New Zealand”.

“The Listener really is a positive energising force in New Zealand’s cultural and intellectual life. You can see that our partnership with the orchestra is a natural one.” Pamela Stirling, Editor, The NZ Listener.

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